DINPQ Eco&safe cleaning


In Racrisa we know about the importance that the food sector has, that´s why we have created the FOOD SERVICE LINE, a complete range for cleaning and disinfection in this area. The food product diversity joined to the complexity in the elaboration process have done of food security a very important need for any company. It is vital for Racrisa to create products appropiate to keep clean and disinfected the facilities, equipment, tools and vehicles that intervene in the food process chain.

DETER GRASS Foaming alkaline detergent

General detergent for elimination of grease in surfaces and equipment. Perfumed.

DETER MAX Sparkling alkaline degreaser detergent

Alkaline detergent with sequestering agent; for cheese factories, slaughteries, grease elaboration.

DETER PLUS Low foam alkaline degreaser detergent

High sequestering agent power for C.I.P cleaning.

DETER CL FOAM Sparkling chlorinated alkaline detergent

Sanitizing detergent chlorinated for surfaces, tolos and industry equipment. Special cleaning of plastic boxes.

DETER CL Low foam chlorinated alkaline detergent

Sanitized detergent of chlorinated controlled foam for C.I.P cleaning.

DETER ACID FOAM Sparkling acid detergent

Descaling for calcareous inlays elimination in circuits, milk stones, metallic oxides, calcium salts.

DETER ACID Low foam acid detergent

Low foam descaling detergent for calcareous inlays elimination in circuits and C.I.P cleaning systems.

DESINBAC CL Active chlorine disinfectant detergent

Bactericide-fungicide chlorinated for surface disinfection and food industry use. Nº Reg. 15-20/40-07737-HA.

DESINBAC Quaternary ammonium disinfectant

Bactericide-fungicide based on benzalkonium chloride for food industry disinfection. Nº Reg.15-20/40-07696-HA and environmental use 15-20/40-07696.

DETER PLUS MB Moulds and trays alkaline detergent

Detergent for trays, baskets and moulds cleaning in automatic cleaning process.

DETER OXI Active oxygen cleaner

Descaler based on oxygen, indicated for surfaces in livestock industry, poultry and dairy industry.

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