DINPQ Eco&safe cleaning


Think green and protecting forests is symptom of welfare. It is the key element to our sustainability. Our efforts to improve production processes allow to develop new products and systems improving the efficiency and environmental quality. This allows us to reach excellence. In Racrisa we are committed to maintain high parameters on environmental criteria during the life cycle of the products, without losing the effectiveness of them.

MULTINET GREEN General multi-purpose

Multi-purpose cleaner for cleaning all kinds of surfaces EU Ecolabel: ES-V/020/007.

CRYSTAL GREEN Glass cleaner

Special cleaner for glass, glass and perspex. Perfumed. EU eco-label: ES-V/020/007.

SINKAL GREEN Bathroom cleaner-limescale

Descaling CAL. Special bathrooms, sanitary cleaner. EU eco-label: ES-V/020/007.

ACTIVA GREEN Manual dishwashing detergent

Ultra-concentrated manual dishwasher. EU eco-label: ES-V/019/005.

DESINGRAS GREEN General degreaser

Degreasing of high performance. Reduced use of hazardous substances. EU eco-label: ES-V/020/007.

DELEX GREEN Universal water detergent

Universal automatic dishwasher suitable for any water hardness. EU eco-label: ES-V/038/005.

BRILTER GREEN Universal water rinse-aid

Automatic rinse-aid. Suitable for any water hardness. EU Ecolabel ES-V/038/005.

SELECTA GREEN Sanitizing floor cleaner

Bioalcohol cleaner, degreaser, deodorizing and sanitizing power. EU eco-label: ES-V/020/007.

DETER GREEN Laundry detergent

Enzyme liquid laundry detergent. EU eco-label: ES-V/039/002.

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