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Racrisa offers a host of solutions for the needs in the field of PERSONAL HYGIENE, creating the line HAND LINE. A range of products designed to prevent any kind of pollution, preventing diseases, in addition to reducing chemical agents. Products soft and pleasant to the touch, managing to maximize disinfection in our skin, the area most exposed to the germs responsible for the development of skin disorders.


DINGEL Hands gel

Gel scented, clean and cares for your hands. Pearly white color.

PACIFIC Neutral hands gel

Neutral gel scented, clean and cares for your hands. Pearly pink.

AFRICA Concentrated neutral hands gel

Neutral gel scented, skin-protecting, cleans and cares for your hands. Pearly white color.

ARABIA Skin-protecting cream gel

Very high quality gel, moisturizes leaving the skin soft and supple. Pearlescent blue color.

PERLAFOAM Foam skin-protecting gel

Foaming gel forming foam dispensers application.

BACTERMA TR Dermatologic hands gel

Sanitizing hand soap colourless and scentless. Suitable for food industry.

BACTERMA BLUE Dermatologic hands gel

Pearly sanitizing hand SOAP. Without perfume. Suitable for food industry.

HIGIEL GEL Hydroalcoholic sanitizing gel

Transparent gel for hands. No need to rinse. Suitable for food industry.

DERMIGEL Skin and hair skin-protecting gel

Dermoprotector gel often used in skin and hair. With active natural moisturizers.

DERMILUX Dermatological cream shower gel

Suitable for cleaning of sensitive skin gel, presents conditioners for the hair.

MECAGRAS GEL Strong degreasing hands gel

Degreasing gel for hands, clean the dirty hands of wastes and oils.

MECAGRAS Granulated paste with dispenser

Degreaser paste for hands with microspheres. Special mechanics.

MECAGRAS DERMO Granulated cream with dispenser

Degreaser cream for hands with microspheres. For workshops.

MECACREM Granulated paste industrial use

Degreaser paste with microspheres. Special for mechanics.

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