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Evolution in all the ways

Our company has been always to the forefront of the developments in the sector of the industrial hygiene, contributing a sure, sustainable and effective chemistry for the professional sector. Our company is experiencing a deep transformation leading a new sustainable age in the chemistry


• To evaluate the risks and opportunities that could concern the conformity of the realized processes and the services given to the customers. clientes.

• To commercialize products supporting a qualit reputation with good service and price.

• To create a narrow relation with the suppliers to allow the constant selection of his products and that fulfill with the expectations of quality and service.

• To achieve the satisfaction of the customers thanks to the fulfillment of the established requirements and the legal regulations.

• Commitment of the personnel with the common aim to provide quality of product and service to the customer and a search of solutions that attend to his interests in the fixed period and prices.

• To promote the participation of the personnel, guiding his efforts towards the Planning and the Prevention providing the resources necessary for the "Continuous Improvement".




We have a great experience in the chemical industry rested on a system of qualit management based on the requirements of the international procedure une-en ISO 9001:2015. With this system of management the following directives have been established:

• To bet for the innovation inside the sector using technology of forefront and optimizing the processes of development and treatment to our customers.

• To support a commitment of permanent collaboration with our customers, answering to their requests, consultations and offering them an effective assistance.

• To fulfill fully the regulations of control. We have the certifications demanded for the storage, the manipulation, the transport and the commercialization of chemical products.



Racrisa contributes to the environmental sustainability reducing the consumption of natural resources, the energetic expense and the production of residues, recycling materials and using the resources that we have on hand in an effective form. The responsible and ethical use of the resources improves our quality of life and the world that surrounds us making it cleaner