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Efficiency in industrial hygiene

We are a company specialized in the manufacture, distribution and commercialization of chemical products of industrial hygiene since 1990. Nowadays we have headquarters in Valencia, Alicante, Madrid and Portugal. We export for diverse countries that include: France, United Kingdom, Italy, Norway and Poland.
We have a factory of products strategically placed in Valencia, which turns us into a top company into the sector with wide resources to offer the best service to our customers.

We have extensive experience in various sectors such as: Horeca, Food, industry, as well as laundry where we are experts, obtaining the best washing results with a perfect quality / price ratio. One of our premises is to work as a team with our clients offering high quality products as well as excellent service and technical support, becoming the chosen partner for your projects.

We have warehouses and highly qualified logistics centers, complying with the control regulations and certifications required for the storage, handling, transport and marketing of chemical products.

This allows us:
• Track each order.
• Guarantee a fast and efficient delivery.
• Guarantee the level of quality throughout the whole
the production and supply chain.

We also guarantee a high technical level in support and after-sales services tailored to our customers and their needs, offering a personalized service at all times, which makes us the ideal partner.

Racrisa has always been at the forefront of developments in the industrial hygiene sector, providing a safe, sustainable and effective chemistry for the professional sector. Our company is undergoing a profound transformation leading a new sustainable era in chemistry.

We begin a new stage with a way of seeing and living hygiene focused on offering the client products and services that improve their quality of life. We want to offer clean comfort within the reach of all people and actively participate in the creation of a world where sustainability walks hand in hand with innovation to offer cutting-edge cleaning to our customers.


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